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Raw and Unfiltered XXL Teahupo'o - Red Bull

11 jun. 2015 We’ve exposed the Endless Summer as a lie. Truth is, most of the world’s finer corners get their best waves during winter months — our apologies, Bruce Brown. The good news is that the 2015 Southern Hemisphere winter is starting to come alive, and Tahiti has been one of the first places to feel its big and blue embrace. Above is an edit of the best waves of the year so far in Tahiti, accompanied only by the raw sounds of hundreds of tons of ocean heaving over a very sharp...


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martanicolasTío - fíjate en el segundo 0.49 aprox... a la izquierda de la imágen. Que hay un tío que le pilla la ola y se tira de la tabla para que no le rompa encima... Qué miedo 6 years ago